Guest Post from Jay in Lublin: Professor Marek and his “Hungry Fingers”

I introduced readers to Professor Boguslaw Marek in the posts on Poland (links attached below).  Bob is a professional colleague of Jay’s, and she has kindly provided some background on his work and passion.  His website (which is about to be upgraded) is  For all readers who are interested in resources for visually impaired children,  it is well worth taking a look at his ideas. GG
This is what Jay would like to share with you all:-
           Prof. Marek is a  lecturer  of English at the John Paul 11  University in Lublin Poland. Many years ago Prof. Marek developed an interest in teaching English to children and adults who are blind. In doing this work, he listened to the childrens’ comments regarding the visual world surrounding them. It was obvious to him  that there were many visual concepts that the children struggled to understand. It also became apparent to Prof. Marek that there is often a lack of appropriate resources for teachers of the blind to use when teaching challenging visual concepts. From humble beginnings the saying goes …. he started designing wonderful resources to meet this need. Prof. Marek has received an OBE from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth for his work with blind children.
       I first heard about Prof. Marek from an email I received from the University where I did my Masters degree, specialising in vision impairment and learning Braille. Our friendship developed through my invitation to Prof. Marek  to visit Wollongong (on two occasions) to show the Wollongong Region Vision team and a number of other “vision” related teachers and services, his beautifully made resources. I have been privileged in that Prof.  Marek  allowed me to sell his resources here in Australia – until now they weren’t available. The resources sold like “hot cakes”.  Anyone who works in vision was instantly aware of their value and I didn’t need to do a “sales pitch”.
      Thank you Bob and Danuta for your kindness and generosity, we had a wonderful time in Warsaw and Lublin!

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