Whoops! A Political Essay

I wrote this post WAAAY back in 2013 when the Coalition government of the Liberal/National Party were just on their way in. We then had a succession of Prime Ministers: Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, and finally, Scott Morrison. None of them visionary. One of them downright misogynist, two of them climate deniers and incredibly right wing. I could go on…

As I wait to learn what will be the final composition of the Lower House, I thought it useful to return to what it all looked like 9 years ago, ‘cos I can tell you now – it’s gunna’ look a heck of a lot different.

And another BIG difference. This time, even though the Senate ballot paper was still as long as a table runner, we could vote below the line with only our first 12 choices of the actual CANDIDATES (instead of having to number the all). Which opened up a great opportunity for me to skirt around the parties I did not support.

The Reluctant Retiree

Wharf RevueBill and I went to the theatre through the week.  Every year we look forward to seeing The Wharf Revue, an all-singing, all-slinging group of political satirists.  Every political personality and event is fair game for this mob, and they keep it up to date, even writing new sketches as fresh stories come to light over the course of their theatre season.  There is always material to be mined in the Australian political landscape, and this year, they were obliged even further by our going to the polls on September 7th.

We met many people in our recent travels who are intrigued to know that voting is compulsory in Australia for any person aged 18 or older.  You have to have a very good reason for failing to vote, otherwise you risk a penalty of A$170 plus court costs.  So this post, a short political essay, is really aimed at my readers from outside Australia.

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