That’s Life…Brian’s Way!

To all those who knew and “loved” the old curmudgeon Brian aka Lord Beari, this popped up in my email in box the other day. I thought you might like to revisit this wonderful slide show, Garrulous Gwendoline


El Bob’s dear friends.

Here is a slideshow full of our favourite memories. Behind the camera in earlier days then growing to love having his photo taken – including a selfie! The original slideshow was set to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life” and “My Way” so for full effect we suggest muting this copyright free music and listening to those!!

Thank you all so much for the posts and tributes to dad; for all your kind words and messages sending love and support. It has been overwhelming and comforting.

We think dad would be more than a little chuffed with this video and the words written about him and his life.

We hope you enjoy.

A life well lived. Loved and never forgotten.

El Bobs family


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My Woolly Memory

For reasons best known to the Happiness Engineers at WordPress, Paol Soren’s most recent post threw up a link to an older one of mine. Some of the links were broken and I updated them with alternatives, so if the wording does not make complete sense, that is the reason. Also a couple of the links appear beyond redemption, but I guess the gist of it still makes sense. Be warned – This post is heavy on detail, which may not suit all readers.

The Reluctant Retiree

There was a time when Australia’s economy “rode the sheep’s back”.

Image result for "greasy wool"

The selective breeding of Merino ewes resulted in sheep that adapted well to the arid interior of Australia and produced wool that appealed to the mills of England.

(Source: National Film and Sound Archive of Australia)

This post, about wool, has been inspired by Paol Soren’s recent story titled “The Sale”. Without his encouragement I would never have thought to have written it. He feels my time in the wool industry is an experience worth sharing . . . I hope some of you agree . . . so here goes.

It has been many decades since England was the main customer for Australian merino wool. These days, the major markets are China – which bought $2.417 billionin 2015/16 – followed by India ($216 million) and Italy ($160 million). Other players include Thailand, Malaysia, and the…

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