So Long Waddy and Jay – We are off to England

imageToday is Sunday 11th August 2013.  This is the day we leave continental Europe and head for England.  And this is the day that we part company with Jay and Waddy.

Bill and I came to Europe at the end of May, and two weeks later we met up with Jay and Waddy in Serbia.  Since then, we have travelled together for fifty-seven nights!   It is a big effort for two couples who have not been life-long buddies.  Let’s be honest – it is a big effort for a husband and wife to achieve.
Humour has played a large role in keeping it all together, and I hope for those of you who have been regular readers – or those who may choose now to catch up with previous posts – that it has been an entertaining ride.
( It is not over yet, Bill and I soldier on for another couple of weeks).
Waddy has become the unintentional star of the blog, and even though he says “I don’t want to be the star!”, he kept coming up with material.  Jay provided emotional intelligence and exploration, and Bill, as always, was the solid rock (and the one who carried my suitcase up countless steps).  As for myself, I am simply the scribe.
And in that role, I offer you the following sayings from the trip.  This is the glue that kept it all together ……….
– Time we have plenty of, it’s money and brains we are short of.
– We shall never speak of this again.
– What happens on tour stays on tour.
– I’ve told you a million times – don’t exaggerate.
– Stay right! (When driving head on to oncoming car  – for Aussies used to driving on left hand side).
 – Where are we?
–  What currency is this?
– What’s that in real money?
– Is it made in China?
– And that was the last time we saw Bill / Waddy / Jay (insert as appropriate)
– “Put that in your blog” = Waddy’s attempt at ghost writing.
– “But I don’t want to be the star of the blog” = Waddy’s attempt at false modesty.
– “Boze, Boze, Boze” (Serbian for Oh My God!) = Jay’s exasperated response to Waddy.
– “Finally!” Jay’s response to getting a mention on the blog.
Code words:
– I am going to clean my teeth = I need privacy in the bathroom.
– Oh!  Butterfly!  (Accompanied by distracted look on face, hand pointing to a vacant spot in the air) = change the subject.
– Ten minutes = anywhere between twenty minutes and an hour.
– Genuine local souvenir = Made in China.
– Magnificent Maritime History = any over enthusiastic tour guide ( best accompanied with a wild waving of the hands.  Inspired by the music teacher in Montenegro).
– Road kill = A hairy shredded pork delicacy from Serbia.
– Cold as a frog on a frozen pond = Waddy diving into the lake in Bosnia.
– Gentle as a fairy’s fart = Waddy impressed by docking a ship, or changing a train engine.
– Ya’ shitting me = You are getting on my nerves.
– My PRECIOUS = Jay’s iPad.
– The LOVER = my iPad.
In closing this post, and whilst speaking of Bill being my rock – this might be the moment to mention there was a night when I let him give me a hair cut with his beard trimmer ……………… I got what I asked for; and the moral of that story is – be careful what you ask for.
Garrulous Gwendoline, signing off from Europe ……………..
Wild and woolly hair getting on my nerves

Wild and woolly hair getting on my nerves

The day after Bill's "help".

The day after Bill’s “help”.

2 thoughts on “So Long Waddy and Jay – We are off to England

  1. Do enjoy – we r still laughing – u guys r Crackers!!! I have loved your blogs

    Those flat squashed peaches r found in Canada too

    All good here but not as good as where u r!!!


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