That’s Life…Brian’s Way!

To all those who knew and “loved” the old curmudgeon Brian aka Lord Beari, this popped up in my email in box the other day. I thought you might like to revisit this wonderful slide show, Garrulous Gwendoline


El Bob’s dear friends.

Here is a slideshow full of our favourite memories. Behind the camera in earlier days then growing to love having his photo taken – including a selfie! The original slideshow was set to Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life” and “My Way” so for full effect we suggest muting this copyright free music and listening to those!!

Thank you all so much for the posts and tributes to dad; for all your kind words and messages sending love and support. It has been overwhelming and comforting.

We think dad would be more than a little chuffed with this video and the words written about him and his life.

We hope you enjoy.

A life well lived. Loved and never forgotten.

El Bobs family


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