Why The Reluctant Retiree?

gwen_wilson_banner_bolindaTo cut a long story short, I was accidentally thrown into retirement in my early fifties, and I was none too happy about that. Now it’s been ten years since my last “real” – i.e. ‘paid good money’ – job. It’s six years since I started blogging. What a transformation in that time! Perhaps I shouldn’t continue to call this blog The Reluctant Retiree. On the other hand, if I changed now, I might start to feel that I have mastered retirement. And I don’t think there is any such thing. The road to re-invention is a continuous path – at least that is my experience.

So here you will find my day to day stories – some documenting exhilarating adventures, others simply philosophical musings.  Perhaps those of you who are also in your second adulthood – the one that comes after kids and career – may identify with my journey to re-invent the rest of my life.

The story so far . . .

  • Studying at university for the first time, graduating in July 2012, aged fifty-seven, with a Masters of Electronic Commerce (which does not a WordPress expert make).
  • Publication of my memoir I Belong to No One. Published by Hachette Australia in June 2015; Orion UK in December 2015 and Bolinda Audio in August 2016, narrated by me. Available worldwide in trade and mass Paperback, Kindle, eBook, CD and MP3. MY MEMOIR.
  • A volunteer role as Co-Host of The Good Life, Australia’s first dedicated YouTube channel for over 55s TV CO-HOST.
  • When all one’s effort to find another permanent job comes to nought, then there is nothing for it but to spend the kid’s inheritance on overseas travel, right? Read the  Travel Stories of an Aussie Abroad, starting with “Random Thoughts While Locked in a Tin Can” under TRAVEL ELSEWHERE – click on the drop-down menu to choose a country of interest.
  • Retirement means being able to jump in the car and hit the road whenever we like, or tick off those bucket list trips such as the Indian Pacific or Ghan train journeys. It’s all there under AUSTRALIAN TRAVEL.
  • What started as a daily writing exercise has turned into a gripping, yet-to-be completed serial story of what happens when a bored housewife meets a Dostoevsky-quoting builder . . . meet Liz Thurlow under FICTION STORIES.

One of the great things about retirement is having the time to exercise an enquiring mind and indulge in passions; in my case, family, history, research, and flying boats. Okay, that last one doesn’t occupy my every waking moment, but I do have a ‘thing’ for Catalinas.

Gowned Up and Proud

Gowned Up and Proud

So that’s me, author, blogger, presenter, traveller, amateur historian, philosopher, wife, grandmother, oh, and mature-aged uni graduate , with the photo to prove it . . .

August 2018


For more information on I Belong to No One, please visit my website at www.gwenwilson.com.au                Goodreads and Amazon reviews are always welcome!


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