Thelma’s of Temora

Having dawdled from Crookwell to Temora as detailed in the last two posts, what should have been a two-and-half-hour drive took up most of the day, so we were very pleased to let ourselves into our self-contained accommodation around 5pm to begin our three-night stay in Temora. The delightful Thelma’s Cottage was to be home for the next three nights.

Taking an entire cottage is a little more expensive than a motel room, but then you save on eating out, and have the bonus of plenty of space and amenities. And delightful Thelma’s of Temora offered this in spades, starting with the warm country welcome of a garden full of agapanthus in bloom peeking out from the white-painted fence.

Thelma’s of Temora NSW, February 2023

The supermarket was just up the road, so after stocking up with barbecued chicken and salads, cider and wine, we plonked ourselves on the comfortable outdoor furniture in the shade out on the back deck and relaxed as the heat of the day faded.

Thelma’s caters well for families with young children, because as well as the freshly-cut grassed area, there was a sandpit, an outdoor play kitchen, a cemented race-track for cars, a blackboard and chalks, a trampoline, various games, and resident chooks (chickens) Madge and Mavis who had a cute little cottage of their own. The children can collect the eggs each day. (In our case, since there were no children, we did this ourselves – Madge has fluffy legs and lays little pale-green eggs. Mavis lays garden-variety white ones.

How nice to walk outside to be greeted with this sign:

The yard was decorated with reclaimed signs and quirky artwork (click on the images in the gallery).

And it wasn’t long before the chooks came to greet us. Of course, they expected special treats, but all I had at that stage was some of the grass clippings (click on the images in the gallery).

Inside there was a well-equipped kitchen, a comfortable lounge area, a dining area, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Everything was well thought-out with more, bright quirky artwork decorating the walls and home-made jam and condiments in the fridge.

When we realised what a comfy place we’d hired we made sure over the next days to balance our sight-seeing with time to hang out back on that deck, and found we didn’t need to go out again at night. We are such home-bodies these days. Even if it was someone else’s home!

Obviously, it has been a labour of love and ingenuity to transform this 1905 cottage into the gem it is today, so much so that it got a write-up in the Temora Independent in November 2018 (Source: Facebook).


For those who are also following the 2012 road trip along the Murray River, here is the next installment. GP Cox, some of your followers will like it, because it is about the Catalina Flying boats of WWII. I know they saw it at the time, but that was a decade ago! Yikes!! And my apologies, on reviewing the post, it looks as if I overlooked to respond to a few of the comments.

32 thoughts on “Thelma’s of Temora

  1. What a beautiful little cottage and grounds, Gwen! I also love chooks and was glad to see Madge and Mavis had a little cottage of their own. I would bet that pair of names comes from somewhere, maybe some T show, I am not familiar with. You picked a great place!

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    • It’s slipped my mind now why, but it is a family connection – perhaps the owner’s grandparents. Anyway, it was very special to her. By the way, I’ve become so city-fied that it took me a day to realise the eggs were being laid in the little box on the side of their covered coop. Dohhhh!

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    • Thanks Marion, I’d be happy to stay there again if we ever go back to Temora. Would have been nice to have another couple to play cards in the evening or some such – although there is only one bathroom it would have worked. X Gwen


  2. I’m so impressed with the beautiful renovation, and especially love the colorful front door! Also like the chickens—I lived on a farm as a child, and they were my favorite occupants of the farmyard. Each one had a unique personality!

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    • I was taken enough with the leadlight insert as to photograph it. It was an original front door tastefully painted and embellished with the leadlight.
      I loved the chickens. They definitely had personalities, and once they got used to us, Mavis let me stroke her feathers. Madge was pushy, particularly when extra food was on offer. On the last day Madge sat on her egg for well over an hour. I let the owner know in case she was getting broody. Such fun!


  3. The cottage looks lovely, just the sort of place I try to find over here. I couldn’t help but think it could have been the kind of house Peter de Verdie and his family might have lived in.

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