Floriade Canberra 2022

Our family reunion in Canberra (see here) coincided with the tail end of “Australia’s Biggest Celebration of Spring”, the Canberra Floriade. Commonwealth Park is planted out with tulip bulbs, and some other floral varieties, and marquees and entertainment dot the grounds.

After first feasting on a huge morning tea hosted in the home of one of my nieces, some of us continued on to Floriade. Bill and I got lost and went to the wrong park, so by the time we caught up, that group had already settled to lobster rolls and champagne. I thought we were here to smell the flowers 🙂 The festival had already been running three weeks but the display was still in good condition. And as we wandered around admiring them and perusing all the food and goods on sale in the marquees my eye was drawn to the laughing clowns. No big stuffed teddies in my numbers, but “everyone’s a winner,” so they say. I brought home a few trinkets for the Christmas stockings. Including the tiara I am proudly modelling.

Another big family event at a cook-your-own steak pub (and they have fabulous pizza too) for dinner, and then it was back to our respective homes the next morning. For the next couple of days our Facebook group chat cluttered up with photos. Here’s a few from Floriade for your enjoyment.

(Click to open to a full view of the photo, but since they have been resized they may not enlarge)

26 thoughts on “Floriade Canberra 2022

  1. Hi, Gwen!
    Stunning colors! I gasped when I came to the large photo at the end with the magnificent black swan. I hope your year is going along well, especially your writing. I must say you definitely belong to yourself. What a gift! Joy in the place of sorrow, peace in the midst of pain…. (words to an old hymn that come to mind when I think about I Belong to No One. ) Thanks for sharing so much of your life with us (your readers).

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    • What beautiful words to share with me Elouise, thank you.
      My two manuscripts have progressed to the pitching to publishers stage, which is harder than the original writing in some ways. But until one receives an official rejection, there is always hope!

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  2. Coming back to this blog space after a long time, although I have been posting infrequently now and then. Haven’t been reading much. Glad I began with this post. The pictures are so vibrant and full of life. By the way, I just ordered the Kindle version of your book. Looking forward to reading it.

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    • Hello Nadira! How wonderful of you to be reading my posts. I, too, have not blogged much as I have been working on another manuscript. And thank you so much for the leap of faith in reading my memoir. I hope it resonates for you, and although some parts are challenging, it is ultimately a story of triumph over adversity. A kind of everywoman’s tale! x Gwen


  3. I love all those flowers! We are in winter here, cold and damp, still beautiful in its own way. It is so nice to see brightly colored blooms though!

    At this time of year in my hemisphere I am reminded of the flower shows my mother and I would attend some time around late February/early March when I was young. Just when all seemed snow bound and spring would never come, the local garden center would have an indoor flower show with all kinds of spring bulbs, shamrocks and assorted flowers. The also had a petting zoo of farm animals kids could visit. The years rolled by, we kids get older, garden center owners retired. I still have the memories.

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  4. How fabulous a family get together and the Canberra Floriade too. All that floral colour, gorgeous. I am guessing there’s some link to the Dutch Floriade other than the tulips! My ex husband was still living in Haarlem in 2002 when they held the Floriade with the rather delightful motto “Feel the art of nature”. My daughter and I were long gone from the Netherlands by then, but I remember he sent us photos.

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  5. Wonderful photos, Gwen. I’m sure you know that Spring was a miserable affair in Victoria. I’d have been happy to swap. I love your tiara. I gave mine to my first granddaughter when she was three. 😘


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