Full Day Cape Leveque Adventure & Kooljaman, Western Australia, May 2016

We are just home from a friend’s 88th BIRTHDAY, at which one of the guests talked about hopes to travel to the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Which put me in mind of the day we travelled to CAPE LEVEQUE. Many of you commented at the time, but I thought it worthwhile revisiting our big day out…

The Reluctant Retiree

At Cape Leveque 2016-05-27 photo by Bill At Cape Leveque, Kimberley Region, Western Australia 2016-05-27 photo by Bill

Day 10 of the “Ultimate Australian Rail Holiday” Friday 27th May 2016

Oh my giddy aunt (I picked that saying up from a neighbour – M – I know you are reading this 🙂 ), this day’s touring is going to be one of the hardest to write about succinctly. Between us, Bill and I took more than 300 photographs, plus several videos. On top of which, I have about 1000 words of notes. I really don’t know whether I am coming or going . . .

We are driving on a long, lonely, open road, and we are headed for Cape Leveque, which is situated on the northernmost tip of the Dampier Peninsula in the Kimberley region of Western Australia – pretty much the north-west corner of Australia. Cape Leveque is another place named during the 1801 Baudin French expedition, but the traditional owners of this…

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16 thoughts on “Full Day Cape Leveque Adventure & Kooljaman, Western Australia, May 2016

  1. Hi, Gwen. This is wonderful! Like visiting another planet (from my perspective). Or visiting the edge of the unknown world! Your meticulous attention to details, including history, is much appreciated. I also agree 100% with your comment above: There are indeed “less and less hours in a working day.” And we’re now living in a world that’s getting stranger by the minute. I hope this finds you well, all things considered.

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    • Life is good to us Elouise. I have no reason to complain about my current lot in life. But contrasted with the chaos that appears everywhere one looks, it is hard not to wonder where it will all lead, and what will be the lot for our grandchildren.
      But I bet if I read history books going back millennia, I would find those who say the same thing.

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  2. I love this re-blog, Gwen. What a fascinating and beautiful area. I really love discovering so many beautiful places in Australia through your eyes. It is the best way to travel for me these days, especially as Australia has never been on my bucket list. I love that you decided to take a small aeroplane on the way back, as those views are so gorgeous. Landscapes from the air look so different and gives one a really interesting perspective.

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    • I was rereading some of my old Australia travel posts the other day, and even I have to (modestly) agree they make a good read.
      I really should get my act together and follow up that lead you sent my months ago, and get the stories out there to an even wider audience.
      That Cape Leveque day tour was part of a greater 22 day trip, by train, plane and four wheel drive. Soooo glad we didn’t procrastinate and put it off for another day.


      • You know, I always say that the reason I blog is mostly for me to keep a diary, and just the other day I also read some old posts from a trip to Turkey with my sister, which was a delightful trip down memory lane.
        You should definitely get your writing out to a wider audience, I think, Gwen. More people should enjoy it. I don’t know about you, though, but I often have more good intentions than time!
        Definitely a good thing you didn’t procrastinate. I always think that one should make use of the opportunities when they present themselves, and not wait, as often they don’t come again, which leaves us with regret.

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        • Time is absolutely the challenge. I am constantly making lists in order to “order” my thoughts into priorities. I know I am not as efficient as when I was working, but it does seem that there are less and less hours in a working day, and I have fallen into the habit of not attacking anything “new” after dinnertime.
          Carpe Diem!


  3. It’s interesting re-reading your post as since the first time I’ve read/listened to quite a bit of Australian fiction. Now I look at post and feel, yes, you were the other side of your continent almost like travelling to a different country.

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