24 thoughts on “Wobbly Wombat

  1. Oh my, oh my you really are tempting us with the cutest wildlife ever. But oh dear, I had no idea they suffered from mange. Such an unpleasant disease. I suppose it’s hard to treat infected wildlife. How very sad.

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    • It’s one of those things I wish I had never learned, as now I know it, I can never unknow it. However, I was told a group of volunteers come every Saturday to treat this colony for mange. Of course, it’s not that easy to catch your wombat and I don’t know how they do it. I read an article where a hessian sheet soaked in the solution is hung at the front of the burrow, so it is forced to rub against the fur as the wombat enters and exits. Not sure if that is what they do at Bundanon. The property is dotted with wombat burrows, it would be a full time task, and I didn’t see any evidence of it. Some of the burrows are actually under the guest bedrooms, and this is mating season. Wombats are very vocal in the act. Let’s just say, they are not ‘pillow biters” if you get my drift.

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      • Ah yes, mange is one of the many downers from Mother Nature. It’s hard to witness little critters in distress. On the plus side sounds as though their mating season is a spirited affair and at least the males don’t end up being eaten by their partner.

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        • Ah, now you have reminded me of the myriad of baby huntsman spiders that had to vacate the bathroom on our arrival. Although, I think that is one spider species where the female does not make a meal of her mate.
          Over at another cottage, they were letting the team down by not eating enough of the mosquitoes which had arrived with the damp conditions.
          All in all, quite an array of nature accompanied our retreat!

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          • I can’t imagine a huntsman biting. At least, I’ve never heard of it. But Bill is in your camp. He’d kill them if I let him, but now settles for getting them on a broom or some such and launching them over the balcony into our neighbour’s garden. They are best mates (Bill and the neighbour) so it is an inside joke. One time, the poor spider had no sooner got his bearings than a bird swooped down and ate him.

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    • Sadly, I don’t think this new friend will be with us much longer. This property is festooned with wombat burrows, but apparently they all have mange. Anyway, we leave in the morning (Sunday). On the upside, I got 98% through another iteration of Louisa’s Legacy.


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