15 thoughts on “More Kangaroo Kindness

    • On this property they were interacting on their own terms, Agnes. The kangaroos had the run of the place, so they were comfortable with that. There were at least a hundred of them. It was interesting watching them sit on their haunches and check me out, with their ears swinging back and forwards alert to danger. On my daily walks, they would eye me, and, when I would reach just too close for their comfort, hop away. Actually kangaroos don’t bound unless they are fleeing a predator. In most cases, if they were on the laneway, they would ease themselves under the barbed wire fencing and hop to a safe distance. On one walk I saw a big old male, and that time, I was the one who walked away. But if we were on a farming property where there was more likelihood they would be (legally) culled, then they would be much more nervous.

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