Travelling in Lockdown

We got our quarterly statement for New South Wales road tolls today, covering the timespan 1st July – 30 September. We were plunged into COVID-19 lockdown on Saturday, June 26. Here’s our holiday snaps of all the places we have seen since then:

That’s right folks. We been nowhere. On the upside, our fuel bill is practically nothing. Makes a mockery of keeping the cars insured, though. Oh well, our daily case numbers are declining, and our vaccination rates are increasing – so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully the next holiday photos will show a bit more scenery 🙂

27 thoughts on “Travelling in Lockdown

  1. When I first came out of the big first lockdown of 16 weeks I nearly had a panic attack in the shops because people had stopped keeping gaps and too many were in small spaces. My Mum who hadn’t had such a big isolated lockdown because she’d carried on working externally was worried about me.

    I was worried about how people would feel at the wedding because it was only a month or so after the wedding lockdown had been lifted but we had a nice big room, big tables with no more than 8 people on them, I’d kept family groups and friend groups together and all the waiters at the hotel were great and kept masks on whilst they were walking around the tables to protect themselves. Plus everyone had been double vaccinated so felt they had some protection.

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    • I’m with you about being tentative in mixing. For the moment we won’t socialise with any friends or family who are not vaxxed, and frankly, I’m not in too much of a hurry to rush out and party. We currently have some special milestones coming up and there is tension within the family over being vaccinated or not, and how each wants to interpret the “rules” (to suit their own argument). But I’m so glad for you that your wedding went smoothly. You deserved a break.


  2. Yes, but it’s not all bad news at least your lockdown seems to have worked, we’ve had three here and we’re still fifth according to Johns Hopkins University in the league table of deaths from Covid per 100,000. Only US, Mexico, Brazil and Bulgaria are above the UK.

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    • It’s strange isn’t it. We have ten deaths a day and get a breakdown on where, age, vaccination status, underlying health. We feel it personally. Not as much as the family of course, but still, we feel for them. Turn that in to several hundred deaths per day and it just becomes another number. As if there is nothing the population can do to prevent it. But as can be seen by our experience: vaccinations, masks, distancing, reducing non essential trips, closing businesses, limiting movement between suburbs, isolating – they are all part of the jigsaw of prevention. Not popular, and people always want to claim one or another is ineffective and should be abandoned, but we are gradually getting on top of our current outbreak. Melbourne, poor guys, are getting hammered again, but if they follow our (NSW) trend, they should be reaching the peak of their current outbreak in the next week or two. We won’t have a UK style Freedom Day when vax reaches 80% of those over 16 – more a gradual reopening (just like an unfurling blossom 🙂 )

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    • Thank you Marion, The weather is glorious. Just back from a walk. We look forward to seeing family again soonish, but only if they are vaccinated, even if we meet in a park. There’s some hesitancy within the ranks. But it will all work out in time. Gwen

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    • Not precisely where we live, but there has been a lot of unrest, both in Sydney and Melbourne, not just with truckies, but also construction workers. The problem exacerbated because any right-winger or professional protestor can buy a hi-vis yellow jacket and go on the street pretending to be a worker.

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