Cockatoos are Smarter than You Think

Remember a couple of weeks back when a cockatoo chucked a stone from an apartment roof and smashed my car windscreen? All ended well, the windscreen was repaired and the car passed its annual registration inspection, which, as luck would have it, was due that week.

Most Aussies are well acquainted with the behaviour of these naughty parrots, but I thought my international followers might enjoy this light-hearted scientific look at what they are capable of doing. This from our public broadcaster, the ABC. Around one minute twenty seconds, you’ll get an idea of how the cockie managed to trash my windscreen.

22 thoughts on “Cockatoos are Smarter than You Think

  1. My little grandsons and I visited Jack the cockatoo at the local pet shop once every week for a year. He belonged to the pet shop owner. We’d each say ‘hello Jack’ in a croaky cocky voice and have a chat. After a while Jack got terribly excited when he saw us walk through the door and croak hello Jack at us. It was a lovely memory while it lasted.

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  2. Hi Gwen, I love these Cockies! They’ve never been unkind to us. When we lived in Killara, Lorikeets and Cockatoos would perch on the balcony which I thought was funny! They ate the sunflower seeds I left for them. My 21 month old granddaughter loves them and little skinks! Whenever we had guests from India, they were amazed by these large birds.

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  3. Thank you for posting that they really are an amazing animal. There are times when you might see a paddock full of them maybe 1000 all at once and they just dig up all the tiny little bulbs and corns in the ground I can make a mess and of course they will ripTimber cladding of house. Specially holiday houses when you’ve gone away and you come back for the weekend and the windows are falling out because they rip the window frames apart

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