In the Cockatoo’s Playground…

… it’s all fun and games until someone loses …

a windscreen!



Explanatory note:

The rooftop of our apartment block is lined with small stones. A large flock of local cockatoos has been having great fun dropping them from the roof, seven floors up, onto the driveway entrance to our underground carpark.

These guys are quick learners. The feathered culprit has probably already taught a dozen others what fun it is to shatter a windscreen.

34 thoughts on “In the Cockatoo’s Playground…

    • The stones serve a purpose – although I don’t know what it is. Management told me they’ll do “something” about it. So much rigmarole in these complexes – whoever gets that job has to have ‘working at heights’ certification, and we’re still in lockdown, etc, etc,

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    • Yeah, but they are cute and naughty and we love ‘em – right? Anyway, $440 later, the windscreen is fixed, the car passed registration for another year, and so all must be right with the world. But … watch out if you’re coming through the driveway entrance xxxx G


    • Hi Lynda. Fellow blogger Paol Soren suggested this was down to nesting, and although cockatoos usually use tree hollows, I learned today that their actual launching pad is a crevice in the building wall that contains an empty object like a planter pot. This may be a case of urban adaptation?

      Xx G


    • Our car Jolandi. Just terribly bad luck, and at the silliest time, because our car registration is due, and on account of COVID the place where we go for service and inspection is operating restricted hours.
      So we were booked for service and inspection today, and most everything was done, except we failed the roadworthy test, of course.
      Meanwhile, the windscreen repair person doesn’t come until tomorrow. I hope early enough, that I can dash back to the registration inspection place before they close until next week.
      It’s quite hilarious really – a bit reminiscent of your juggling act with Portuguese authorities.
      Naughty, naughty cockatoos! And they’ve probably already taught each other how to do it!


        • You’ve reminded me I meant to post a follow up to the cockatoos. All got sorted relatively easily, and the car is registered roadworthy for another year. Not that we are going anywhere … still in lockdown.
          Hopefully Michael’s visit will assist in finishing up any lingering loose ends on the bureaucratic front.


          • Thanks for that follow up, Gwen. So interesting.
            Glad you got sorted out easily. Ugh – good luck with the whole lockdown situation. It really is starting to feel never-ending, isn’t it?
            I hope we can at least sort out some of the loose ends on the bureaucratic front – some, like the pandemic, appear to have no end! Sigh.

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          • Apparently for those of us double-vaccinated there will be some easing of restrictions from October 11th. Can’t say I’m in a hurry to stick my head over the parapet. But I am waiting for access to a Justice of the Peace, so I can imagine how you have been slowed down.

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  2. Our golf cart was hit a couple of weeks ago as we were coming into the car park. Had no idea what had happened. It all makes sense now!


  3. Oh no, what a nuisance Gwen. They must be very strong to be able to hurl the pebbles over the top. It seems strange that it has only just happened in the last few weeks as presumably cockatoos are native to the area. Perhaps some netting could be affixed on top of the pebbles but it would have to be strong otherwise they could just peck through it. Was your car affected? The owners must be really fed up with the goings on and as you say a person could be the next target.

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    • Cockatoos are lively, cheeky, naughty birds with beaks strong enough to eat through timber fences and decking. It may have something to do with nesting, we are at the beginning of spring. The manager might have to organise someone on to the roof to find out if that is true.
      Yes, this is my car. I think I’m the first to actually get hit, but we have 153 apartments here, and some have two cars, so perhaps I won’t be the last.
      I think the manager had gone off duty when this happened around 3pm Friday. I’ll be taking it up with him again this week.

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          • I do love the cockatoos but they can be so destructive. We live in the Blue Mountains and they are everywhere up here. If you are able to spend the time watching them they spend hours stripping the bark from the trees and watching it drop to the ground. It is a type of game for them. They will also destroy to get your attention. One came into our verandah and pushed the small dish slowly onto the ground when we did not react to his screeching for attention. They are very smart and learn very quickly.

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          • I do enjoy seeing them, but they are naughty and destructive. The driveway is littered with the little rocks they are throwing over. So far I think our car is the only one to be damaged, but they will surely tell each other what fun it is.


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