A Serious Post on Domestic Violence

Something came across my desk recently which reminded me of this post I wrote four years ago. I thought it worth a repeat. I have reblogged it (rather than cut and paste) as the comments resonate too.

The Reluctant Retiree

In my very busy role as a retired person, the least booked up days of the week are Tuesday and Friday. So there I was last Friday week (17th Feb), husband out, house to myself, happily sat in front of the laptop working on my manuscript – when the phone rang.

It was a reporter from the local TV station wanting to film my thoughts on the latest announcement in the domestic violence arena. What announcement? I got him to send me the media release, rang a couple of buddies who work in the front line, and found out they had not heard either. I forwarded the release to them, had a quick chat on what is the current situation, slapped on a smart casual outfit and makeup, and faced the camera.

There are two things I’ve discovered in my limited dealings with the pre-recorded news media. You don’t get…

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12 thoughts on “A Serious Post on Domestic Violence

  1. It is unbelievable that strong advocates such as yourself are still having to repeatedly explain how women (and it is mostly women) find themselves in abusive relationships. I think there is a move towards educating boys and girls about domestic violence in schools here in UK. It would be a start.

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