A Winter Experiment

Yesterday was the first day of winter. On our rather mild east coast of Australia, we know this, not because the leaves have fallen off the trees, or birds have migrated north – but because it was the first day of June – the month that contains the shortest day of the year. So it must be winter – right?

In truth, the weather the last couple of days has been a little chilly. Overnight 8’c (46’f), daytime top 17’c (62’f). Cool enough to wear a jumper in the day, and put the heater on at night. If it’s not yet time for hearty winter meals, it never will be.

On impulse, I’d bought a whole red cabbage. The price, compared to a half, made it worthwhile. But that’s a lot of cabbage for two people. So I pulled the stockpot out again, even though I didn’t have a clear idea what I intended to do next.

Because I had bought a rack of smoked ribs from a nearby Macedonian delicatessen, frying onion, garlic, and paprika seemed a good start. Then I threw in a beef stock-cube and the chopped cabbage and fried that a bit, before adding a can of tomatoes and some water.

Cabbage Stew in Pot

When it all seemed to be cooking nicely, I cut a few ribs off the rack and placed them on top, put the lid on tightly, and left the lot plopping away. A while later I turned up the heat and reduced the mix a bit, and presto! A tasty, slightly spicy lunch.

Cabbage Stew Served

Not to be outdone, Bill decided to make nachos for dinner. It’s not something we’ve ever prepared at home before, but at cafe lunches he often finds it a suitable gluten-free choice.

His presentation was superior to mine – an appealing mix of colour to tempt the appetite. He mixed a can of black beans with the beef mince, and melted the cheese through – which is why it doesn’t show clearly in this photo. The result was tasty and very filling!


No call for between-meal snacking in our house today 🙂


24 thoughts on “A Winter Experiment

  1. Truly delicious, Gwen. (My husband cooks, but I’m not a fan). Although I appreciate summer fruits, I never stick to seasons when a really likely dish comes along that I can try. Anyway, where I live I can often expect four seasons in a day. 😏

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    • And our on-site restaurant is slowly re-opening. Offering breakfast several times a week for the month of June. I’ve just gorged on Eggs Benedict with a fabulous home-made hollandaise sauce (on the side). That’s me set for the day I think.


      • So far there are outdoor patios that can serve sit down, but most of them say the heck with it what with the protesters and rioters and cops. I see where the other day two
        Australian journalist got hurt courtesy of Mpls cops. Stay Safe.

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        • Yes, it’s been featured on our news. They are only two of the many international (and African-American) journalists who are being silenced. Shades of the behaviour we are all happy to point to as examples of despotic rulers of “non-christian” communitues while congratulating ourselves on our enlightened democracy. So many reports are saying nothing like this has been seen since the 60s, but isn’t it echoes of Rodney King riots?
          We visited the States two years ago and drove Pacific 101. Loved it, particularly Bandon, etc. but everyone is surprised when I say I didn’t love, love, love San Francisco. So much homelessness, and hopelessness, contrasted with so much privilege of young uni educated high-tech employees. I told one that in my opinion, it will be a race between China and India as to who is the next world power. She was shocked. She said, “oh no, they have too many poor people to be powerful.” I wondered what she saw when she walked the streets leaving the hotel.

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          • Such a great insight, Gwen. San Francisco is not my list of love for the same reason. The homeless situation in all the big cities is so sad. And so many of them have their roots in the wars the US have no business in from the start and neglect the vets who were in them.

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