Another Day in Paradise

It’s been almost two weeks since I last walked on the beach. I’m pleased to say it’s still there, and still beautiful. I only hope the seagulls hadn’t been waiting for me all that time.

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I had meant to blog way back on Mother’s Day – that’s the second Sunday in May in Australia – the 10th May this year. Believe it or not, I’ve been pretty busy since then.

The weather that day was glorious – unless you are a farmer waiting for autumn rain – and we made the most of it with a lunch on our back balcony, sharing a bottle of white wine and a seafood platter.

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Actually, we had our lunch on the Saturday, as Bill had to leave on the Sunday and go away on a mercy mission for a few days. It all fell within the allowable guidelines, which are ever-so-slightly being eased.

By the way, I don’t eat oysters. Bill managed the lot. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I did embroider the tablecloth. In another lifetime. No longer in my repertoire.

Before we left on our road trip at the beginning of March, I had an asymmetrical haircut. While we were away, the long side decided to go madly, flyaway, curly – and it was driving me mad. Given that we live in a complex with aged-care attached, by the time we returned, our operator had pre-empted lock-down restrictions and shut all our communal areas – including the hairdresser. So, I didn’t bother to find out if any others were still operating (which they were at that time). I just got out Bill’s hair clippers and chopped the lot off.

Tee-hee. That was two months ago and my normally fast-growing hair is taking some time to grow back. That’ll happen when the biggest comb in the set is only a #4.

You can also tell from this photo that I haven’t quite got the selfie angle down pat.

Mothers Day (6)rs

And so ends another day in paradise . . .

Day's End rs

Hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and, happy.

37 thoughts on “Another Day in Paradise

    • It was scrumptious and did us for two meals. We had the (little) lobster that night, grilled (I think you say broiled?), and I made a sauce of mayo, cream, brandy and mustard, with melted butter on top.
      I still have a few pieces of embroidery, but mostly I stitched for others to give as presents. So it’s nice to have this piece, and useful, too.

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      • Grilled and broiled are two different things to me. Broiling is heat from above at greater than 500 degrees F, generally done in a stove. Grilling is on a barbecue grill with high heat from below from wood, charcoal or gas.

        I love embroidery! 🙂

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        • Yes, I thought that was an area of difference. So your broiling is our grilling, and your grilling is our barbecue, bbq, or just plain barbie (with a flat nasal a if you are sending up the Australian accent). As in, “I’m gunna stick a steak on the barbie”.

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    • I had a photograph album of all the embroidery I had done for friends and family. I threw it out last month in a clean-up. Who but me would be interested? But I still have a few pieces kicking around the place, dating back to primary school.
      That particular piece was therapy. I was off work for three months with a glandular fever-type illness. Being able to count the squares and repeat the pattern correctly gave me heart that my senses were coming back to normal, even though it’s a big thread-count so not too challenging. It’s more than 30 years old. Still holding up to a wash.

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  1. Wow, I thought that you’d been to the hairdressers and thought, mmm, I wonder how???? I think it looks great. Properly short like that has been a thing over here with women of about 50 before the lockdown and I thought how stylish it looked and how it made people look younger. I think it suits you very well – so, who needs hairdressers!!!

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  2. Your hair looks fabulous, Gwen. I wish I could wear mine that short, but with long hair I definitely do not miss a hairdresser. What a lovely lunch and tablecloth. And view. So soothing to be able to see the ocean.

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    • I’m forever changing my hair, and this time last year I had a much longer bob, but I am better off with it short. There is just so much of it. The ocean today is wild. We’ve just been watching the pilot try to board a cargo ship with an empty hold and it is rocking and rolling. He’s earnt his money today!


      • How lovely to have a view that tells a different story every day. I am amazed at how important having a view has become for me during this pandemic. Although our view in Abu Dhabi isn’t of the ocean, at least it is a view of the water channels cutting through the various island making up the city. And sunrise. I am so grateful to being able to watch the sun rise. Take good care of yourself.

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      • Everyone who walks in this apartment goes straight for the view. It is sensational. I always have a wry smile, as, after living here twelve years, I’m more than aware of the internal design flaws. One of them being that the balcony gets too much wind to be able to sit there all day and admire the view ! LOL.


  3. Another happy blog Gwen and I can vouch for that seafood platter, having enjoyed one with my family on that same day. We’re lucky to live here and be able to partake of this and other good things. Take care.

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  4. The beach is not only there, but looking beautiful, Gwendoline! But – you are killing me with those pictures of all that seafood!! I can eat my weight in seafood and with this quarantine I haven’t had a chance to get any. Next weekend is our anniversary, so maybe I’ll get some then.❗

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    • Great to hear from you Lorraine! What a time for Rae to finally retire, hey? Guess you made it back from Darwin before restrictions started to set in. Just as well we didn’t have a chance to catch up – you would have seen my wild and woolly hair, LOL. Xx Gwen


  5. Your table cloth is lovely. I did a bit of embroidering in my day. I just seemed to have more time for such things in my youth. Your lunch is not something to scoff at. In fact I’d be doing a lot of scoffing if I was at your table. You seem to be enjoying isolation in style. 👌

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    • The platter was delicious and lasted us a couple of meals. As for the hair, I should have been sensible like you and had it all professionally cropped at the first sign of trouble in the wings.

      Hope you are doing great. I suppose when this is over you won’t need to go back to the office.


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