Anzac Day 2020 – Commemoration in the time of COVID-19

We rose at 6am for the Dawn Service. Traditionally held on our pond deck podium, set up with rows of chairs, in this year of COVID-19 it looked a LOT different.
Anzac Day 2020 Pond Deck
We watched from our balcony as one of our residents played The Last Post, and The Rouse, on his trumpet. And we observed the minute’s silence in contemplation.
Anzac Day 2020 Balconies

I have re-blogged the excellent posts from Living on the Downs, and the Pacific Paratrooper. Their words have done us proud.

Dawn Service Anzac Day 2020


13 thoughts on “Anzac Day 2020 – Commemoration in the time of COVID-19

  1. Somehow having a musician play ‘The Last Post’ live makes a solemn occasion even more moving. All beautifully observed and captured, even the distancing looks poignant.

    I second your choice of INXS interspersed with Kiri – an antipodean aural feast.

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  2. Gwen – you did so well with your photos on your blogs of Anzac Day at the Links and the Ruby Princess departure. Have you any objection to me forwarding them to Jenny as I think they may be of use when we get back to producing the next mag.


    JoJo xx


  3. Your balconies show a good turnout. Better than ours, although we had a few. I like this new way of doing ANZAC. We had The Last Post reverberating around our complex at 6am and then some guy ‘treated’ us to a day of Aussie music from his balcony – RedGum, John Williamson, Seekers etc


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