From My Walk Today

Sometimes when we travel, we overlook the beauty in our back yard. What better place to spend my hour’s exercise than the beach behind our apartment complex?

The ship that looks as if it is parked on the beach is the Ruby Princess, currently holed up in Port Kembla with ill crew on board. But I won’t spoil this post with a rant about how we slipped up handling that ill-fated cruise. Let’s just send our best wishes to the poor souls who are awaiting repatriation to their home countries. The first of them left today.

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 GG Tuesday 21 April, 2020, Wollongong, NSW

19 thoughts on “From My Walk Today

  1. You do live in a very enchanting part of the world. I love the coast and you also have all that blue sky too. Even these ghastly times at the mo are made a little more bearable when the sun is shining don’t you think?

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      • Good weather does help though when times are tough, but I see that along with Austria and Norway, Australia is seen as a success. Well done. Let’s hope it stays that way. Apparently we are passed the peak, but data is a bit soft especially as unclear what’s going on in residential care homes.

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        • Hmmm, watch and wait. We’re not out of the woods yet. As I’ve mentioned before, winter and the regular flu season are yet to hit us. But our NSW government is making testing even more available for the average person, so that is comforting. And I had my normal flu shot last week 🙂

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    • I am loving my daily walk along the beach. It’s only taken me 10 years to discover its joys. But I’d also like to walk amongst autumn leaves. I’m sorry your original comment wouldn’t come through. WordPress seems to be acting a bit oddly today.

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