Vale Lord Beari of Bow

The Christmas season is a time we reach out to friends – both those we know in person, and those we have in the virtual world of social media. Although I have not blogged regularly in 2019, there is a core group who stay constant.

Within that group, we recently lost a well-loved member in the form of Brian Smith, aka, Lord Beari of Bow.  His daughter blessed us with a wonderful slide-show in her post That’s Life…Brian’s Way! We could see what joy he took in his family, and life in general, even when ill-health was against him. What a smile! 

At around the 7min 14sec mark of the slideshow, you’ll see a photo of him enjoying a tipple at his local, and last November I was able to go there and raise a glass with him on behalf of all us. I may even have chosen the same seat – quite by accident.

I bought a sparkly for me, and a beer for Brian (although he may have preferred a G&T?).

Then settled in for our virtual chat.

First it was my turn to listen. Brian brought a smile to my face,

But when it was his turn to listen, I think his expression was more  . . .

“Really, Gwen? If that’s the best yarn you’ve got, I better scull this and go.”


Vale, Brian, 2020 will be all the poorer without your stories and candid comments.


5 thoughts on “Vale Lord Beari of Bow

  1. I’ve done that exact homage to friends that have passed, and I know what you mean. After reading Beari’s posts year after year, I felt I did know him and 2020 will have a huge hole in it with the loss of his smile and lack of hearing his tales!!

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