Rulers of the wild sky.

For months now, fellow blogger Paol Soren has been keeping an eagle eye on a pair of Peregrine Falcons (Falco peregrinus) in an area near his home town of Ballarat, Victoria. They have successfully hatched their chicks, and, in a challenging wind, Paol has captured this amazing footage of feeding time. Enjoy! You may also wish to catch up on his previous posts documenting their progress to this point.


Paol Soren

You really need to view this on as big a screen as you can.

I apologise for the camera shake. I used my heaviest tripod and hung a heavy weight on it but the wind was very strong as you can see with the feathers flying. And it was about 100 yards away so even breathing on the camera made the video shake.

I wish to acknowledge Wadaiko Matsuriza – Kabuki Gomen. It is their music.

Some of the more gruesome aspects of dinner time have fallen on the editor’s floor.

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7 thoughts on “Rulers of the wild sky.

    • Thank you Carolyn for your thoughtfulness. I did see the slide show, and will watch it again when I have a good bit of quiet time so I can fully savour it.
      Last Tuesday, I went to Brian’s old pub, and raised a glass to him. I took some selfies (awkward) and will put up a post about that soon. A good life well remembered.

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