Home Are The Wanderers

It’s been five sleeps in our own bed since returning from six weeks jaunting around USA, Canada and Alaska. All the old patterns have returned – which means I’m rarely awake before the sun is well up.

Except on the first morning when, after a good night’s sleep, I woke ready to greet the day. The golf course and ocean were right where we had left them all that time back. The difference is the wintry light . . .


My “birthday” plant, the pink zygocactus, had gone ahead and celebrated without me –

home return 2018-07-03 006 (1024x754) (800x589)

. . . and now to catch up with all those stories I didn’t write while I was busy experiencing them . . .

39 thoughts on “Home Are The Wanderers

    • Thanks Kerri. It’s good to be home. So many stories to write. It’s easier to do them on the road when all is fresh in the mind, but time, energy and internet access killed that desire. Now it’s back to the notes and photographs.

      Xxxx Gwen


    • Hi Norman! Thanks for the comment on the blog – so glad you took the time to find it. Didn’t we have a great time on that train – and then later on the cruise ship. You know it’s in the Rocky Mountaineer brochure that the guests on each carriage are supposed to interact. We were just doing our bit J

      I hear the English summer is a scorcher. Hope you are enjoying it.

      Xx Gwen


  1. Hopefully your six weeks has not flashed past like mine has. I usually find time away in new surroundings slows down even with a hectic schedule. Time for a rest for you and Bill now after yours??? And, Happy Birthday.

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  2. Hi Gwen & Bill, welcome back to Aussie land we’re thinking of you on your birthday. Big hugs & love to you both xx


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