Goodbye For Now – But Not Forever

Delighted to report that I have been offered the use of a flat in a beach suburb of Sydney to use as a writer’s retreat for ten days.

So signing off now. Hopefully no internet (unless I scurry to a nearby cafe in desperate need of a Facebook hit), hopefully no emails, no bills, no administration tasks, no stray research that is never going to turn into a story for this manuscript, nor any other procrastination techniques which I have been mastering in recent months.

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38 thoughts on “Goodbye For Now – But Not Forever

    • It’s a slog. I hate writing. I hate myself. I am a lousy writer . . . Oh Look! That’s a nice sentence! I think I’ll keep that one. Oh Gosh! Here’s another keeper! Who knew I was such a brilliant writer. . . . feels good about oneself. Goes to bed happy.
      Wakes up in the morning. Everything I wrote yesterday is rubbish. Should press delete button. . . 🙂 nooooooooo


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