More Cicada Curiousity

Here’s a special treat for those of us who have been fascinated with the cicada activity this month.

My neighbour, Michael Rayner, amateur photographer extraordinaire, has offered these great photos taken on his balcony recently. They are a huge improvement on my blurry shots snapped on my mobile phone in the dark. Michael’s rotated the actual shots, seems these cicadas are all busily climbing up our balcony pillars.

Copyright Michael Rayner January 2018

Copyright Michael Rayner January 2018

I still can’t make up my mind what variety it is, but am leaning towards a Double Drummer. Wikipedia says that is “the largest Australian species of cicada and reputedly the loudest insect in the world” – and these guys are definitely big and loud.

Here’s a photo of a Double Drummer Cicada from the Australian Museum collection for comparison.

Source: Australian Museum_cicada_specimen on Wikimedia Commons

The sound of an Australian summer has returned at last. All must be right with the world.

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