A Jolly Ride for Mr Toad

Last week my cousin had the privilege of riding in an Austin 7 race-car and he sent me a couple of photos. Said he, “felt like Mr Toad in Toad Hall“, a reference to our childhood favourite book The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.

For anyone familiar with Mr Toad and his fascination with fast motor cars you will see what my cousin is banging on about it. It’s a little beauty isn’t it? No doubt someone out there in blogosphere will recognise its year of manufacture.

Austin (2)Austin (1)

FOOTNOTE 18 MAY 2017, courtesy of my cousin:

“Austin 7’s were made from 1922 to 1939, this one is a 1929 model but is not the original body shape. It is a replica super sports on a Austin 7 chassis and motor which was originally a “chummy” body.”

19 thoughts on “A Jolly Ride for Mr Toad

    • I tend to agree with Rob when you take a second look at the shape of the front end. On the other hand, the rear seems a little “spiffy” for that time. And the position of the headlights was lower in the 20s, according to photos I have seen. I’ll send an email to my cousin and ask if the owner knows!


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  2. Gwen – have noticed old convertible cars (BIG) being ridden around by Prague tourists – mostly couples as it looks like romantic thing to do. They are beautiful old cars and I never noticed them during my last visit in 2013.

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