I Belong to No One Audio Book Giveaway


So excited! My copies of I Belong to No One narrated by me as an audio book have arrived – thank you Bolinda Publishing! I am running two giveaways on Goodreads: 3 copies of the CD version for Australian members and 4 copies of the MP3 version to United States, Canada, and United Kingdom members. Entries for both open at midnight on Wednesday, October 26 and end at midnight on Wednesday, November 30.  If you have been thinking about setting up a Goodreads account, this might be the call to action!  Winners randomly selected by Goodreads and I will mail within a week of receiving their list. Good luck!

9 thoughts on “I Belong to No One Audio Book Giveaway

  1. It’s good to see Bolinda actively promoting your audiobook. I’ve checked my local library re my request to get an audio version here. I see that their 5 copies of your book were all out on loan, but as yet no sign of the audiobook. Our main library in Norwich has had it’s opening hours cut and I hear on the grapevine that as staff leave they are not being replaced. Times are tough here for local councils so maybe they are also reducing the number of audiobooks they purchase. Seems odd and annoying to me as audiobooks, with mobile phones, have never been more popular.

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    • Perhaps the council just need some time to react, or to get new requests into the budget cycle. I’m amazed they have 5 copies of the paperback – my local library only has 3! And it is very re-assuring to know they are out on loan. I tried to register for the UK Public Lending Library rights but residents outside the EEA are not eligible. I have registered for the Australian version. Although I am not expecting to receive much every penny is a tangible recognition.


      • I must say I am a bit disappointed that they haven’t purchased your audiobook . . . yet. I am going to request it again especially as it looks like the book is popular and frequently out on loan. Why can’t you get pennies from UK library lending – we are all humans living on the same planet. All these odd ‘trading’ rules have a mixed result for ordinary folk don’t they?

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        • I suppose they are protecting the interest of the taxpayer. I would have received a royalty on the original purchase, so I suppose that’s all I am entitled to given I don’t work in the uk and pay taxes there.my bigger concern is that our Australian government is saying they wish cut the years we own copyright down to 15 – 25 years instead of 70.Say for example that it was made into a film in twenty years, the filmmaker would not need to pay anything! I doubt it will get through but it makes you angry they would even consider it.


          • Whoa – what is it with these government people and their efforts to exploit creative production all the time. Shortening copyright time is an attack and when so much creative work is being undermined by activity on the Internet how do they expect authors, musicians, artists etc to make a living. Hope it doesn’t get through as I am sure a certain political bunch over here are likely to have a go with this too.

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          • Last May, Man Booker prize winner, Richard Flanagan had this to say, “This is a government that has no respect for us and no respect for what we do. This is a government that despises books and views with hostility the civilisation they represent. Perhaps it hopes in a growing silence that it might prosper. Certainly, it cares only about one thing: power.”


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