Episode 7 of The Good Life: Dragon Boat Paddling, Mature Make Up, In-home Monitoring, Anzac Day and fruit cake!

Episode 7 of The Good Life YouTube Channel for over 55s is now available to view!

It’s an action-packed episode this month as Pete gets an introduction to Dragon Boat Paddling, Gwen gets a tutorial on make-up for over 50s, Kerryn checks out the latest in in-home monitoring technology, and Ben bakes a Spanish bar cake.

And it is a special time of the year, with Anzac Day – April 25th – being commemorated around Australia. As we gathered to remember our men and women servicemen, and to honour their sacrifice, our roving camera team was at Wollongong war memorial asking people for their thoughts on the significance of this important day. (16 minutes in).

10 thoughts on “Episode 7 of The Good Life: Dragon Boat Paddling, Mature Make Up, In-home Monitoring, Anzac Day and fruit cake!

  1. My brother used to be in a dragon boat race team at work, he loved it. I enjoyed the make up segment, I need another lesson I tend to just use a bit of mascara and lip gloss and I manage to bodge that rushing.


    • I was tempted with the Dragon Boat segment until they got to the part about training three times a week and I reminded myself just how over-committed I already am. But it looks a lot of fun and I have come across many ladies who take it up after a mastectomy as a way of getting their balance back. As for make-up – mascara and lip gloss are probably all you need. You look as if you have that beautiful English rose glowing skin!

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  2. OOOOh how brave of you to be the make-up model on TV. It made me laugh when the woman kept saying everything has to finish on an upwards line. I’m afraid that’s the downside of living on a planet with gravity – it’s all heading south all the time!!


    • It was not my most flattering angle I realised on playback. Roza is a very talented beautician. I am trying to get hold of the unedited version so I can follow it step by step – but I am with you on the gravity issue. I think it will require more than an upward sweep on any part of my face or body to combat its downward pull!


  3. Hi Gwen Just loved loved loved show!!! I love watching it because u r in it! The make up segment was fantastic!!! They couldn’t have a better subject to work on!!! Makes their products look good!!


    • Roza is a talented lady. I am trying to get hold of the unedited clip, so I can follow her instructions to the letter. Also trying to get a photo of the finished product mocked up as a new headshot for Facebook, etc. Filming the next episode tomorrow before we go on hols!


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