Episode 6 of The Good Life, April 2016

Even though I am a volunteer, one of the perks of being the co-host and newsreader on The Good Life show is that I get my hair, nails and make-up done, so, for one afternoon at least, I feel as if I am turned out to the best of my presentation ability.

This month though, the talented team at Total Bliss Wollongong excelled! Total bliss indeed  . . .

Hair Nails and Makeup by Total Bliss for Episode 6 of The Good Life

And now, getting back to the business in hand, this month’s episode features the:

  • Coomaditchie United Aboriginal Corporation who are using technology to capture their disappearing dream-time stories;
  • Alzheimer’s Australia Memory Walk & Jog that is touring the country to raise awareness and funds for those living with dementia; (and if you wonder why Pete Gatwood and I are pacing our way through reading that title off the teleprompter, try saying it yourselves. It’s amazing we got it down in just a couple of takes 🙂 )
  • And we meet an odd pairing – the cancer-surviving ‘kayak cameraman‘ Paul Jurak and his photogenic muse. If you have time for nothing else this month, I suggest you at least take a look at the beautiful photos on  .https://kayakcameraman.com/
  • And Pete gets into the kitchen to cook up Zuccini Fritters (but there’s none so good as the ones my step-mama and Zia make!!!)

Here is the link to Episode 6 April 2016  . . . IRT The Good Life

Enjoy! Garrulous Gwendoline



14 thoughts on “Episode 6 of The Good Life, April 2016

    • She’s a talented beautician. Last week I filmed another segment where she used me as a model for day make-up for the over-50s. The photo was so goo, I plan to update my social media gravatars with that. Very rare for me to find a photo I am happy with 🙂

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