“The Good Life” Episode 4 – The Importance of Volunteering

January and February flicked by in the blink of an eye. I had so many ideas for posts which have not been written, and are no longer topical, but I simply ran out of time.

I did have a wonderful two night break in the Blue Mountains, celebrating my thirtieth year of marriage to Mr Right, aka Always 🙂 I hope to write about that in the future, and include some great photos. Problem is, I am at media capacity on WordPress. I either have to delete photos, or pay for a subscription upgrade. Sighhhh. It’s not as easy as obliterating the oldest ones. Some of my oldest posts still get the greatest hits. It’s surprising how many people want to take the bus from Belgrade to Sarajevo for example! So I guess I’ll take the time-saving option and invest in an upgrade. Particularly since we are off to Broken Hill shortly and I would like to think I’ll blog daily.

Last Monday, Pete Gatwood and I filmed the most recent episode of the The Good Life.

Which reminded me that I had not put up a link to February’s Episode #4 which put the spotlight on volunteering, featuring a group dedicating their free time to protecting nesting Little Terns, an ex-Olympian who hasn’t slowed down, and an interview with an expert on volunteering.

A few industry and main-stream media outlets are starting to pick up on The Good Life, including the following article from Aged Care Insite, who interviewed the IRT Foundation Manager, Toby Dawson, exploring with him the aim of the Good Life you-tube channel.

YouTube channel tunes in to seniors

And now it’s midnight! That’s another day flicked by in the blink of an eye!

Garrulous Gwendoline, Wollongong, 2nd March 2016

17 thoughts on ““The Good Life” Episode 4 – The Importance of Volunteering

  1. I watched a portion of your video and it so fun to see you in action! It really gives me a sense of you. You look so professional and seemed so at ease before the camera. Another blogger I follow also reached the end of her storage on WordPress and had to make decisions to upgrade or not. Your post reminded me that my day is not that far off and I have wondered what I might do. I guess I will cross that bridge when I reach it. Sigh. Also let me say, Happy Anniversary for 30 Years-no small feat in today’s world!


    • Thanks for your wishes! We had another fun session recording last week, and then I had to do a little piece to camera at our local theatre. I allowed an hour and we were done in fifteen minutes, so obviously am becoming more practiced. Outfits are a challenge. I was in the local op-shop the other day cruising the jackets. It might be my go-to place. I can keep wearing black slacks and changing the top half.


    • It was a place I was very keen to work or volunteer, and it did not come to pass. And down here I mean to volunteer with the Mission to Seafarers, but that hasn’t come top of the list yet either. Let’s hope your strength returns . . .


    • Unfortunately I wasn’t present at that filming session. And Pete is also doing the next few cooking sessions. I wonder what’s on the menu? Not sure how he will go, as he fell off his bicycle and broke his wrist. Poor man needed a metal plate and is in a lot of pain. By the way, a neighbour made the lamb koftas the other day and gave us some to try. Yummy.


      • Oh dear sorry to read of Pete’s accident – please wish him a speedy recovery. I remember years ago when I worked in a hospital a doc telling me as you get older one of the biggest risks is falling over. We do the opposite to young kids who almost flop down and we totally tense up as we crash! Oh the joys of ageing.

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        • He was riding beside a friend and they locked pedals. Pete went over the handlebars. His friend is a doctor, just not the type useful in this situation. Friend assured him nothing was broken on account of the movement he had. Friend was wrong. Pete is trying to make light of it, but recovery will take several months. I have had several mature age friends break wrists/arms over last year, and it takes a long time to regain strength.


          • Yes, recovery time seems to increase noticeably with each added decade. You even see it with sportsmen and women from their twenties into their thirties. And, then, of course, it’s the down hill slope all the way – just a little cheery thought to start the week!! 😉

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  2. Congrats on the very impressive 30 years 😄. Yes, I agree an upgrade seems the answer – you really don’t want to delete any stuff especially all those (often v. funny) posts travelling through eastern European countries!!!


    • Incredible to consider that half of my 60 years on this planet have been spent married to Always (who is really a wonderful man and very patient with my nicknaming him). I have just organised the upgrade, as I don’t want anything to interfere with documenting this Broken Hill trip. Blogging is a kind of diary discipline when I am travelling, and it is an amazing place. Still in NSW, but much closer to Adelaide than Sydney. The average temps for this time of year are 15’c overnight and high 20s daytime. Instead, right now they are mid20s overnight and high 30s daytime. Much drier heat that our coastal humidity though, so hopefully we will cope. They had some rain the other day for the first time in seven weeks, but not expecting any more soon. Should be interesting.

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  3. Dearest Gwen,
    You are a star and seem pretty professional to me.. I watched the Volunteers programme with gritted teeth, due to Ian (darling) never being at home! He’s off now to a council meeting in Skipton, and was out last night at a BA4N meeting in a local village enthusiastically describing our wi-fi system so they have all decided to go with it and abandon their other project! He’s been out this afternoon clearing blocked streams and culverts: we have had masses of rain and everywhere is sodden. Our new borders this morning looked like they were canals, the it snowed, followed later by sunshine, so we have had 4 seasons in one day. Chris home tomorrow with a Bentley to do a talk at school on careers. J has done his first half marathon and came in the top ten percent which was amazing. Loved your musings on grandchildren and computers/phone devices. We had a great birthday celeb for me walking up Hampsfield Fell at Cartmel/Grange for magnificent views over Morecambe bay and the Lakes. Met 2 dizzy Ozzie girls walking up to the top as well, who are teaching over here. When it snowed they were ecstatic. Then we went for a lovely lunch at Rogan and Company (not far from where we had lunch together). I am scheduled for doing lots of estate guided walks at Sizergh this year, plus the garden tours, training a few garden guides. Plans later this year to look at going to NZ for my 60th on a LONG trip. Yippee.
    Lots of love to you both and enjoy your 30th anniversary year!


    • Sounds as if you are all incredibly busy. I know I owe you a couple of email responses, and it’s been a bit the same for me. Rushing from one thing to another these days. Whenever I am in front of the laptop I try to clear the email inBox of the admin-type replies so I can settle down with a chatty mail, and it never happens!
      Off to Sydney in an hour to be in place for this train trip to Broken Hill which departs Central Station at 6am tomorrow morning. Thirteen hours, will be an experience. Like flying from Singapore to London!!


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