A Day Of Two Casseroles

I am very grateful to fellow blogger Derrick Knight for reading I Belong to No One and talking about it in his recent post. Doesn’t the cover draw the eye on this post! Derrick’s career was in Social Work and personal therapy, and he chaired three adoption/fostering panels. So glad my memoir passed muster with him! The UK sales are going well, both eBook and Paperback. My publisher and agent are delighted, and they are not easily impressed. Thanks to everyone for such support. It’s available from all High Street bookshops, Tesco, and the regular online retailers if you would like to take a peek.


Jackie drove me to and from New Milton Station today to facilitate my visit to Wolf and Luci in Clapham. From Waterloo I took the Northern Line underground to Clapham South and walked from there to Hambalt Road. I returned via Clapham Common.

‘Mister God, this is Anna’, by Sydney Hopkins under the pseudonym Fynn is a beautiful fable about a little girl whose ‘middle’ or essential spiritual core enables her to bear and surmount her experience as an abused runaway.

I Belong to No One001

On my up journey today I finished reading ‘I Belong to No One’ by Gwen Wilson. What makes this personal memoir stand out is that the author is gifted writer whose creativity shines through her story told with deep honesty about her own feelings, and a sensitivity to those who fell short in caring for, or mistreated, her.

Albeit on the other side of the world, I have considerable…

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6 thoughts on “A Day Of Two Casseroles

  1. Hi Gwen. I wasn’t sure where to tell you this but I wanted you to know I bought your book on Amazon today! Can’t wait to get it and read it! It takes a lot of courage to write such personal information in a book. Perhaps your story will inspire others to share their stories.


  2. Gwen – when I get stationery your book is definitely on the reading list. Any idea where I could find it in South Africa as will be here for a year or so – I think 🙂 – after returning from the long safari? Are you still “reluctant” in retirement or have you fully embraced it? With your book, etc. seems you are quite fulfilled and happy!


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