I Belong to No One launched in the UK

I Belong to No One launched in the UK on Thursday 3rd December, as scheduled. And so did You Belong to Me, the latest psychological suspense novel from UK Author Samantha Hayes. Here is how one Tesco store handled that co-incidence.

Tesco 3 Dec 2015 I Belong to No One coupled with You Belong to Me

What a hoot! It was Samantha Hayes who brought it to my attention. She has also let me know of Twitter chatter about the book placement. Someone at Tesco has a sense of humour, and created a bit of a stir by pitting the books to an on-shelf argument. Clearly, though, you don’t have to make a choice. 2 for £7 is a great offer!

29 thoughts on “I Belong to No One launched in the UK

    • It was a fantastic lucky break. I heard that almost 1000 copies sold in the first week. I’m curious to know how sales are progressing now, but don’t want to badger my publisher. Also it was supposed to be released in Canada and I haven’t seen anything yet. Nor have they been successful in getting me a US publication deal at this stage – but I live in hope. Thanks for your congratulations!

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  1. Little update Gwen – my local supermarket (a Sainsbury’s) is quite big, but not a superstore. It does have books, but they mostly had ‘Christmas stock’ – celeb chef recipe books, sports biographies and children’s picture books – on their shelves. They only had a small display of paperbacks and they were nearly all big-name thrillers. So, sadly no ‘I Belong to No One’ nor any Samantha Hayes either. I’m sure it’s on display in the bookshops in the City Centre though.

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  2. Ah yes, she used to do the weather report on TV3 in New Zealand. It’s safe to say it isn’t my niece SH, as she is still attending school:) In all seriousness, you’ve scored an additional level of promotion at a critically important time – onyer G!


  3. ‘All publicity is good publicity’ as they say and being included in such an offer surely must increase sales. I’m popping into my local supermarket at lunchtime and will have a look to see if our local store has done anything similar.

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