I Belong to No One – Publication Imminent

Only a little over four weeks to go until my memoir “I Belong to No One” is in store. It is all getting very real now. I am on a steep learning curve to establish a digital marketing presence:

Facebook Author Page – Tick – https://www.facebook.com/GwenWilsonAuthor  (I invite you to “like” it)

Update LinkedIn Profile – Tick – https://au.linkedin.com/in/gwenwilsonauthor

Establish a Website – Work in Progress – http://www.gwenwilson.com.au/

Make Blog look more professional – Work in Progress – But I have had the pleasure of emailing the WordPress Tech Team a mini essay when my self-help techniques maxed out. I mastered the idea of Parent Category and Sub-Category – but why are the relevant posts appearing in both when I only put them into the sub category? And I somehow lost my background photo in the meantime, but I’ll let that one run through to the keeper for now.

Work out why a post photograph in which I was wearing a tunic top as representative of a 70s mini-skirt turned up on a website of images under ‘galleryhip.com/worst-cellulite-ever.html‘. Hmm – okay, well, the phantom person behind the website took down the photo as soon as I complained, AND I have lost twenty pounds (10kg) since the photo was taken. So ‘just build a bridge’ I tell myself. ‘Get over it’ – ‘I have bigger priorities, etc, etc’. When you are lying in bed at night, however, willing sleep to come, worrying about how your book will be received . . . well, bridge building is no easy task, as I am sure you can imagine . . .

Banner: I BelongToNoOne_Coming Soon.

31 thoughts on “I Belong to No One – Publication Imminent

  1. Congratulations on the book Gwen – it’s a great achievement and I look forward to reading it. Norma is also looking forward to reading it and said she will be off to the book shops on 30th June to buy it.
    Sorry I couldn’t get to the launch, but between moving house and the recent trip, the year has been hectic.

    I hope to get back to the blogging soon


    • It was an amazing day Ingrid. You would have loved it if you could have made it. Very interesting speakers, and a great vibe in the audience. Let’s hope I can get over to Perth for an author’s talk one of these days. Say hi to Norma! And congratulations on the new house!


  2. All the best for this last stretch before the launch. So exciting! I’ve liked you on Facebook with my private page and I’ve shared this post via az pictured … it’s all about cross pollinating in the social media world 🙂

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  3. Have followed your progress with ‘Belong to No One’ with great awe – your dedication and determination to succeed deserves great admiration. We wish you all the luck in the world as we stand beside you the BIG day!


    • Thank you Jojo. It is finally starting to dawn on me. It has been a long journey, with a lot of waiting in between. Twenty drafts! Three manuscript appraisers / editors. Each step was an increment to success. With the jewel in the crown being my childhood friend flying in from the States to speak at the launch.


    • Thanks Hillary. I didn’t plan to be here, not sure if you did.I am not sure whether the book will take off or sink like a stone, but for those who do read it, there are elements that will resonate deeply. I have already been booked to speak at a forum on domestic violence, for example. That took me by surprise, I was expecting more on adoption. Interesting times ahead.


  4. Heaps of good luck for your book launch! The cover photo looks heart wrenching and will certainly catch people’s attention. I don’t have Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, but I can certainly ‘like’ your interesting Blog posts. All the best for your memoir publication. Agnes


    • Thank you Agnes. You have always been such great support. The cover image sent me into a spin for the first 24 hours after it was sent to me for my “approval”. I had a bit of an emotional melt-down. Strange. I feel comfortable with it now. Not sure how I will feel when it is on shelf. The Hachette graphic artists are certainly talented.


      • I’m really not surprised about an emotional melt-down – images can strike through to the core of you in an instant. I know you’ve obviously had to revisit your difficult past in depth, but still sometimes we can do it intellectually and hold our emotions at bay, but a haunting and personally meaningful image can sometimes open the flood gates. I think you’re very brave and generous to share your story. And, I hope the cover will catch the eye of browsers in bookshops as it is meant to.


        • Yes, that is it exactly. Although I hadn’t realised until your comment. These memories are such a core part of who I am, and I have lived with them for so long – and talked about them freely – that I’d forgotten how deeply I was affected. When I saw that image, and also when I attended the National Apology for Forced Adoptions, just for one moment it is was if a curtain was held aside, and I stepped through . . .


          • I really do admire you Gwen, you seem to be/have tackled this head on. I know we live in times that help us to be open, but still I think it takes great strength to face a difficult past and make it actively work for you rather than just bury it.


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