Awesome Bloggers Award – Take Two

I accidentally hit the ‘publish’ button on my previous post.  I was in the process of listing my recommendations for other blogs.  Then I tried to save the situation by deleting the post altogether, but friends have told me the email still went through.  Aaaargh!

Okay, here are some of my favourite blogs:-

Agnes Ashes at – art historian, artist, designer, gardener, and all round lover of beautiful things.  Be sure to check out the link to her ‘shop’ for exquisite silk scarves.

Andrea at – a young and incredibly talented woman.  Her craft is photography and preservation of old photographs.  A fellow Aussie, she is carving out a business through her photography.  There are links from her blog to her business site.

Charlotte Hoather at – Wouldn’t we all be proud to have a daughter so dedicated to her craft?  Charlotte is a young woman in training to become a classical singer.  Her willingness to learn and improve on an already magnificent voice re-invigorates our trust in our leaders of the future.

Jolandi Steven at – beautiful photos and articles of archaeological sites and life in the United Arabic Emirates and surrounding areas.  It was a great pity that we needed to curtail our recent European trip as we had originally planned to have four nights in Abu Dhabi, partially inspired by her eloquent descriptions.

This is just a selection of blogs by women that I enjoy on a regular basis.  However, since I have listed “fair” in my profile, here are my four male nominations (you will notice that I listed alphabetically by first name as I am also ‘structured’ even though I didn’t say so before).

The Cheesewolf (aka Gavin Jones) at – a poet, amongst many other talents.

Jack Sawbert at – he writes flash fiction, stories of less than a thousand words.  In his case, he limits to 750 words.  It’s no mean feat to come up with something that has a beginning, end, a middle, and an intriguing story, using so few words.  I write more than that for my annual Christmas letter.

Mo at – astute readers will detect a song title in his blog address.  One part of his blog is Musical Micropause (not menopause as I accidentally once typed) – which provides great background on musicians and albums.  Another recounts his travels in Europe in his – I think – ahemmm – ‘younger days’. – this is a complex blog with thousands of followers.  What I like reading is Kate Stone’s Civil War, which is the actual diary of a Lousiana woman who became a refugee in the American Civil War.


Awesome Bloggers Award – Take One:

The versatile Sandra Danby has nominated me for the Awesome Blog Content Award.  This is a great challenge for me.  Firstly, it requires the winner to describe themselves.  Hah! What to come up with.  Secondly though, it reminds me that the lovely Jolandi Steven nominated me for an award some months ago when I was travelling through Europe.  Time to catch up that as well.  These are my first awards~  I am so grateful that there are readers out there who find my musings of interest, and to take the time to give me such recognition.  Thank you Sandra, and you can find her TWO blogs ate:  and

Here are the steps to follow for the Awesome Blog Content Award:-

1. Display the logo in a post
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back.
3, Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or a phrase.
4. Nominate eight (8) deserving bloggers and inform them of the nomination.

awesomeblogcontent-award-logo 19-12-13

A – Astonished – at the positive feedback of my blog

B – Brilliant (see ‘J’)

C – Cheeky

D – Diligent (at least, I was, when I had a job)

E – Enthusiastic

F – Fair, friendly, forward – can’t make up my mind which is the strongest trait

G – Garrulous!

H – Hopeful (of publication)

I – Introspective, sometimes

J – Joker (see ‘B’)

K – Kind

L – Light hearted

M – Mendacious (no! that’s a lie – I just wanted an excuse to use the word).  Memoir Writer

N – Nonna (grandmother)

O – Optimistic

P – Persistent

Q – Quantum Scientist (no! that’s another lie)

R – reluctant retiree

S – Self Deprecating

T – talkative / traveller (either / or; Or both at the same time)

U – University graduate (had to get that in – who begins uni at age 52?)

V – Vivacious

W – Writing, lover of words

X – “X”trovert, most times

Y – Yow! Difficult one.  What about ‘Young’ – – – – – In my dreams!

Z – Zealous

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