The last day of school


Our last day in Umbria.  We decide to keep it simple and head for two nearby towns: Montefalco and Bevagna.  Both are pretty places and the drive is through pleasant green countryside and other towns we are becoming familiar with, such as Spello.

Montefalco is wine country and the town itself is very charming.  Another medieval walled city built of local stone, so typical of what we have seen around here.  We treated ourselves to pastries and coffee, and chose sugar coated cakes like a donut mixture and filled with a light custard which is extremely addictive.  There is such a range of cakes and pastries in Italy, it would be very easy to let your head go.  Of course, it’s not my head I am worried about, but whether I will still fit my pants if I eat too many of them

On the outskirts of Bevagna there is a sign “Uno di piu bella citta in Italia.”  It’s a big boast, claiming to be one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, especially given what we have already seen – but it is not an idle boast.  Okay – it is yet another medieval walled city, and it may sound as if we are getting tired of them, but that is not the case. They are so beautiful, with so much character.

As we wandered through the town, we noticed many people parking cars and hurrying up stairs to what looked like a church.  It was around 1.30pm on a Friday afternoon. It seemed an odd time to get married, but we thought it could be the reason, so we hurried after them.

It was the last day of the year for this particular primary school.  The double doors of an ancient stone building opened, screaming could be heard from inside, and out poured the screaming children into the arms of their waiting parents and grandparents.  One little boy danced a war dance – e finite! E finite!  He hollered over and over – it’s finished! It’s finished! He danced around in a circle waving his hands over his head.  Another boy exploded “finalmente!” (Finally, at last).  Teachers emerged clutching flowers, parents gathered to thank them and shake their hand.  It was chaos for about ten minutes, until little by little the groups dispersed and it was just me and Bill looking at each other. We  feel so privileged to be able to glimpse these pictures of ordinary life.

Events of Friday 7th June 2013, Garrulous Gwendoline, Assisi Italy

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